An exoskeleton prevents back problems.

The need for back support in various professions is increasing, with growing awareness about the health risks associated with long-term physical work. Darwing back exoskeletons offer an innovative solution to these challenges, aimed at reducing strain and improving working conditions.

Written by:
Joost Geuzendam
Date: 09-04-2024

Problem area: The challenges of physically demanding work for the back

“Physically demanding work can cause significant stress on the back, leading to chronic pain, fatigue and long-term health problems. Lifting heavy loads and prolonged strain are leading causes of these problems. In agriculture, physically demanding work includes lifting heavy bags of fertilizer or harvest products, bending over for long periods of time during planting or harvesting, and operating heavy machinery. Darwing’s exoskeleton works perfectly in agriculture. In the construction industry, this involves lifting and moving building materials, working in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time, and performing demolition work. Darwing’s exoskeleton also helps construction. In the healthcare sector, staff are confronted with lifting and moving patients, standing for long periods during operations or care tasks, and providing physical support for patients with mobility problems. Also in healthcare, a exoskeleton the staff.

Why an exoskeleton for the back?

A back exoskeleton is designed to reduce strain, improve posture and minimize pressure on the spine. This helps reduce back pain, prevent injuries and improve overall back health. An exoskeleton in logistics, where lifting work occurs regularly, ensures that staff can work more safely for longer

How the Darwingback tackles the problem

The Darwingback exoskeleton uses advanced technology to provide support where needed, while not hindering natural movement. It contributes to better posture, reduces the risk of back problems and supports a healthier working environment. Read more about the Darwing Back Exoskeleton here.

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