Darwing Back Exoskeleton for Logistics

The Darwing Back Exoskeleton offers a solution in the logistics sector and warehouses for reducing back strain when lifting, loading and moving heavy goods. This innovation improves working comfort and increases efficiency in an industry known for its physically demanding tasks. An indispensable tool for a healthier and more productive working environment.

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The physical challenges in Logistics

In the logistics sector, physical challenges are the order of the day. Employees are frequently confronted with lifting, moving and stacking heavy goods, which places a significant burden on the back and other parts of the body. These repetitive and often heavy physical activities increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, including back pain, hernias and muscle strains.

In addition, warehouse and distribution center tasks often require rapid movements and prolonged standing, which can lead to fatigue and strain. Working in confined spaces or handling awkwardly shaped objects can further increase physical strain, making workers more prone to injuries.

Another concern is workload and pace, especially during peak periods such as holidays or sales seasons. The pressure to work quickly and efficiently can push workers to exceed their physical limits, increasing the risk of injury.

Logistics worker uses Darwingback exoskeleton

Advantages of the Darwing Back Exoskeleton in Logistics

The Darwing Back Exoskeleton provides an effective solution to these challenges. It supports the back and reduces physical strain while lifting and moving goods. By relieving pressure on the back, the exoskeleton helps to reduce fatigue and improve overall physical reduce taxes. This not only improves the safety and well-being of employees, but also increases their productivity and efficiency.

The implementation of exoskeletons in logistics and warehouses can therefore significantly contribute to reducing the risk of occupational injuries, improving working conditions, and maintaining high job satisfaction. With this technology, companies can provide a healthier, safer and more supportive work environment for their workforce.

Prices & Purchase information

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Darwing BS-02


Designed to improve the physical performance of your logistics staff over a long period of time and prevent injuries.

900 grams
Super light system
Very strong system
Take along
Easy to store
Wearable for everyone
Darwinback Exoskeleton

What do users say about Darwing?

I am an employee in the warehouse of the Eeko company. We collect empty printer cartridges, telephones and tablets for reuse. My job mainly involves lifting heavy loads where I make constant bends. This causes a lot of discomfort in my back and significantly reduces my work experience. That is why we decided to purchase the DARWING Back with the aim of relieving the previously physical loads. In my experience, this was certainly successful, because I immediately experienced support when wearing the exoskeleton. It offers me targeted support for tasks that previously burdened my back. I can therefore conclude that the quality of my work as an outbound warehouse employee at Eeko has noticeably improved.
Bjorn de Jong
Outbound warehouse employee
The DARWING Back has been implemented at our construction company De Nijs en Zonen to support our employees in the back with this exoskeleton. The DARWING Back proves to be of great value specifically within the process of rearranging and sorting scaffolding material. By reducing the constant strain of lifting and moving heavy scaffolding material on my back, it provides me with immediate relief and promotes my mobility. The result is not only improved productivity, but above all a sustainable and healthy working environment for me and the other employees who use this product. With the DARWING Back, there has been a shift in the way we handle scaffolding material within our logistics service and this has led to significant improvements in our daily work.
Twan Koster
Logistics service building materials
As a logistics employee at Heutink, I am mainly concerned with preparing and sending pallets via the roller conveyor. Using the DARWING Back has improved my daily tasks by relieving my back from constantly lifting pallets. This allows me to move freely without restrictions and the process now runs more smoothly. I notice that my physical well-being has improved, which is essential for a long-term career in logistics. I also notice that my muscles are less tired and I can do my work with more ease and enthusiasm. So it has not only affected my body but also my overall wellbeing in the workplace.
Michael Driessen
Logistics employee
I work as a logistics employee at DKG Keukens. During my daily work I focus on preparing kitchen equipment on the moving floor and this put considerable strain on my back. The repetitive tasks of lifting and setting up heavy equipment caused a lot of discomfort and pain in my back. Since using the DARWING Back, the physical strain on my back has been noticeably reduced and I can now perform my tasks without the constant twinges in my back. I am very pleased with the outcome of the exoskeleton and for colleagues who have to do a lot of lifting, I am confident that the DARWING Back can provide significant convenience and relief. In any case, this product has demonstrably brought many benefits to the logistics activities at DKG Keukens.
Johan van Doorn
Outbound employee
Eeko Bouwbedrijf de Nijs & Zonen Heutink Center Parcs DKG

Frequently asked questions about Darwing

Is the Darwing Back Exoskeleton suitable for all warehouse activities?

The Darwing Back Exoskeleton is designed with adjustability and flexibility in mind, making it suitable for a wide range of warehouse duties, from lifting heavy objects to performing repetitive tasks.

How long does it take before an employee gets used to wearing the exoskeleton?

Most employees get used to the Darwing Back Exoskeleton within a few hours. We also offer a short training course to ensure that employees use the exoskeleton correctly and get the maximum benefit from it.

is the exoskeleton adaptable to different body sizes?

Yes, the exoskeletons are designed to be adjustable and can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and shapes to ensure a comfortable and effective fit.

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