About us

Welcome to the ‘About Us’ page of Darwing Back! We are a team full of passion and dedication for the development and implementation of exoskeletons. Our goal? Improve your productivity and well-being through advanced technology. Discover more about us, our team, our values, and our promises!

Who are we?

Darwing Back started with a vision to transform the workplace through innovative technology. Inspired by the need for more efficient and safer work environments, we focused on developing exoskeletons that support workers in physically demanding tasks. Our idea started when we realized there was a gap between human capabilities and the demands of modern workplaces.

Our team

The Darwing Back team consists of experts in biomechanics, engineers, and ergonomic specialists, working together to realize our vision. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, leading to innovative ideas and solutions. We are more than just colleagues; we are a family who share a common passion for improving the workplace.

What do we stand for?

At Darwing Back we believe in improving the workplace by bringing technology and human well-being together. We stand for innovation, safety and increasing productivity without compromising the health of employees. Our exoskeletons are designed to support workers, improve their performance while reducing their physical strain.

Our promises

Improved productivity

With the Darwing Back Exoskeleton we increase productivity on the work floor. Employees tire less quickly and can perform their tasks longer and more effectively.

Less physical failure

Our exoskeletons ensure less physical strain on employees. They also help develop better awareness of ergonomic lifting, which leads to fewer failures in the long run.

First a demo or test yourself

We understand that every workplace is unique. That is why we offer the opportunity to test our exoskeletons in practice before you make a decision.

Good support

Our customer service is always ready to answer questions or provide support, even long after your purchase.

Request a demo

Curious how the Darwing Back Exoskeleton can transform your workplace? Request a demo today and experience the benefits for yourself! Contact us and take the first step towards a more efficient and safer workplace.

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