The importance of an exoskeleton for the shoulder and arms

Despite robotization in many professions, human work remains a crucial factor in many professions. Staff have to work longer and longer until retirement, which increases the risk of injuries. Protecting the body against overload and injury has therefore become essential. Shoulder exoskeletons play a crucial role in this protection by providing support and reducing the risk of shoulder-related problems.

Written by:
Joost Geuzendam
Date: 09-04-2024

Problem area: The challenges of repetitive and heavy arm work

Repetitive tasks and lifting heavy loads can significantly contribute to shoulder and arm strain, which can lead to chronic pain, reduced mobility and long-term health problems. Staff loss is primarily very annoying for the person himself, but also for the company, which sees productivity decrease, projects slow down and costs increase.

An exoskeleton increases job satisfaction and productivity

A shoulder exoskeleton not only provides support to reduce pressure on the shoulder during heavy or repetitive tasks, but also improves overall ergonomics, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity. For example, lifting people with an exoskeleton in healthcare makes work more fun and increases service to the client.

How Darwing tackles the problem

The Darwingback exoskeleton is designed to reduce shoulder strain, support the user during heavy lifting and make repetitive movements more efficient. Working ‘above your strength’ becomes much more comfortable with a Darwingback exoskeleton. This brings the fun back to work and you really work on satisfaction in the workplace.

Take the first step now in preventing arm problems. Contact us now.

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